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Welcome to our design services. The services come in a range of easy to understand snippets of information, to help you choose the right design package for your project. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further your specific requirements or any questions you may have.

Face to Face Consultations

Meetings are always a pleasure, where we love meeting up to discuss the vision for your property. We normally meet either at your home or at your business premises, or if you prefer we meet clients in neutral environment such as a cafe or a restaurant. We don’t charge for the initial meeting; it’s very much about learning who we are and how we can develop our relationship, build trust in our skill sets and get a clear idea about the project. Follow up meetings and consultations can be arranged for further specifying of products and on-going development of the plans and ideas. Any appointments after the initial consultation are charged per hour depending on the complexity and the size of the project undertaken. All charges for consultations are subject to VAT.

Online Remote Consultations

In our modern world we understand we cant always meet face to face to discuss every project. And for this reason we have developed a online remote consultation where we can view plans, discuss ideas and quantify & liaise interior schemes via skype and other online media communications. Any appointments after the initial consultation are charged per hour depending on the complexity and the size of the project undertaken. All charges for consultations are subject to VAT.

A Clear Canvas

Producing an interior scheme begins with a clear canvas. Seeing the architecture and the interior provides us with a clear plan as to how we can work with the existing space. Utilizing the existing space and developing new areas is very much a design skill and seeing the vision makes for good design. I personally talk my way around room by room identifying how we can engage with each specific area, quantifying the ideas as we go. Sometimes I might start sketching a few initial concepts or communicate my aspirations using existing projects as examples.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme makes all the difference to achieving the desired mood and ambience of each interior space. So whether you’re looking to inject some bright colours for spring or you’re designing your new kitchen we can provide details on creating your perfect colour scheme to complement any interior space. We coordinate the colours of all your chosen furniture together with doors, woodwork, floors, walls and all your favourite accessories.

The Concept

Visualizing each individual concept is something we have developed over many years. We start either by producing quick free hand sketches which enable you to see the creative potential of the idea. The other form of producing the concept or scheme is to use 3d visuals, generated from 3d software. Each way is valid and provides a great way to see your interior before buying or specifying.

 Architectural Plans

Reed interior produce scaled architectural plans for each project requiring structural and accurate control of the planned property development. Our plans have proven invaluable over the years helping us when redesigning spaces, moving walls and create new spaces and rooms. It is essential to have clear and easy to understand plans as a basis for planning permission and quantifiable for health and safety throughout each building project.

Moving Ahead

Moving ahead with the ideas and not standing still is essential. That’s where we can all start to see the day to day changes as the interior scheme grows and begins to bloom. I don’t sit still for very long and I am always on the move. My job is to make things happen and seeing the project jump into life makes me happy..

Buying in items

We offer a well developed service of buying interior items such as furniture, lighting, flooring, wall coverings and fixtures. We buy directly from suppliers and manufacturers providing you with the best possible prices at all times. Items can be either delivered to our offices or on site depending on the size and quantity. Items bought in are subject to VAT and carry manufacturer’s standard warranties.

Buying from Auctions

We are always visiting various auctions houses, continuously looking for interesting pieces to dress our interiors. Buying from auction houses enables us to find the most original, individual items which often works out to be much more cost effective whilst creating the perfect blend for today’s modern interiors. Many of the pieces we purchase from auctions are shown within our website. However if you’re looking for something specific we are always happy to source it for you.


Restoring pieces to their former glory after decades of use is a specialist procedure. At Reed Interiors we work with many skilled craftsmen to undertake projects for restoration.

Bespoke items

interior design services bespoke furniture designDesigning items which are unique plays a large part in what we do. Being a qualified engineer & furniture designer has enabled me to design some quite extraordinary things over the years. You would be surprised what clients like to have within their interior as a design statement! I start either by discussing my ideas or listening to yours. Then I take the information away and start sketching, slowly developing the item’s shape, its materials & how we can make it. I say to people there is nothing I can’t design or make, everything is possible..

This service is charged at £60 per hour and is quantified by time spent producing the ideas and resolving them to completion, depending upon their complexity. Once the item has been designed we engage with other companies in order to have the item/ items produced. This might involve 3D printing, plastic moulding, alloy castings, metal fabrication, glass and a combination of textures and material science.

Managing the Project

Being a good project manager takes a lot of time and effort. I normally like to run my own affairs and have a detailed understanding of what’s happening day to day. If the project is close enough I am happy to oversee the work and make sure everything runs smoothly with positive progress each day. Once the project is under way you can always invite me to come over and snag room by room & I can point out any issues that I see. The project management service is charged at 12.5% of the overall contractors’ fee.


All payments are subject to VAT. We produce detailed invoices for all our products and services. Payments should be made in good time and cleared within our accounts before any purchases are made. All payments need to be cleared within a time period of two weeks.

Professional Guarantees

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance covers each project undertaken and provides all parties with a safe platform to operate. We pride ourselves in getting things right. We always make time to see things through to the end and make personal guarantees to all our clients who invest in us as creative people.