Interior Designers based in Dorset & London


Welcome to our interior design services, divided into home interior design and commercial interior design. Our services come in a range of easy to understand snippets of information, to help you decide the right package for your project. Please note all prices quoted do not include VAT. Feel free to connect with us to discuss further your specific requirements or to answer any questions you may have regarding our interior services.


Every interior designer will work differently and charge accordingly. There are four main ways interior designers commonly charge for their work:

ROOM BY ROOM – this is commonly used for small, straightforward projects. We’ve found that fixed fees for a concept design per room for a small, simple home project can start at £300, including drawings and samples.

FIXED LUMP SUM – this is where the fees are costed by multiplying the estimated time the project will take by the hourly rate. It allows you to budget much more efficiently by having a very precise idea of what you will spend from the beginning and splitting the work into stages (e.g. concept design – detailed design – overseeing the project on site)

TIME CHARGE – this is a common way of charging, and can include project management during the course of the project. Hourly rates start at £60 but varying up to £150 per hour or more.

PERCENTAGE – this is where the fees are calculated based on the overall budget of the project.

PACKAGES Charges for our commercial packages are broken down into three zones of work, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.

We trust you find the right service which suits your specific requirements, and please contact us with any questions..