reed interior designers

Welcome to Reed Interiors property services providing quality personalised service for homeowners, architects, developers and businesses. The company was founded by entrepreneurs /designers Vince & Martina Reed, who originally started the business in Prague Czech Republic in 2006.  A Husband and wife team, they love creating fashionable modern interior schemes evoking a sense of style with highly refined ideas.

“We have worked as freelance designers since 2006 helping clients create their perfect interior schemes. From specifying paints to finding the right kitchen, Reed interiors is always here to to help.


Originally Vince studied electrical engineering as an apprenticeship & worked on various projects for the Ministry of Defence, before enrolling in 1996 at the University of Hertfordshire studying art & design. After his initial Foundation he went on to join the London Guildhall University studying BA Hons in furniture design & technology. Later he worked on many high-end projects as an interior designer for leading companies such as Chaplins of London & Fired Earth (Aga PLC). Since then Vince’s creativity as an eclectic designer has flourished, enabling him to draw on his technical and artistic background helping him to produce some of the most amazing interior schemes for homes & businesses.


Martina is a key member of the team as the administrative hub of the company and complements Vince’s work perfectly within the business. Martina’s background is also design led where she studied in Prague and worked on design & build commercial kitchen designs in the Czech Republic. Her attention to detail within her role as the administrator is essential for ordering, logistics and accounts management.